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What's important for skaters in Australia?

"We want YOU to tell us what's important to skaters."

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one million skaters

There's over a million skaters in Australia and we have three things in common:

  • we all have skates or a skateboard

  • we all need somewhere safe to skate

  • we're all learning and  improving our skills

Some of us compete in skate sports, some of us skate socially and some of us don't skate but run shops, local facilities, brands, Facebook skating groups, clubs and more.


We're keen to hear from YOU! 


what's most important?

What's important to you?


Coach education? A national roller derby league?  A national events series for skateboarders?  Better technology support for your club?

What about mass participation events? Skating in schools? Street hockey? What about the scooter riders?  Building outdoor skating rinks for everyone to use?

We can't do it all at once, so what should the priorities be for the next five years?

From June to September 2022, we'll be running surveys, online forums, in person forums and maybe the odd town hall with a Q&A. 


 Right now you can:

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would you like to hear more? add your details below

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